How to Recover “boot error” when trying to boot from USB in Ubuntu?

Getting “boot error” when trying to boot from USB

One of the major problem all of us face is “boot error” when we use USB to boot.Here in this post i have given some methods to solve that problem. Hope this works well for you.


mbr software help you to solve this problem. First, download this software and i have given the link to download the software here.

Type the following code to get rid of boot error.

Download mbr software

and type the following code.

apt-get install mbr


Install a boot sector onto the USB

sudo install-mbr /dev/sdd

Copy an iso image onto the device

sudo dd if=ubuntu-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdd

replace /dev/sdd with your own device.

sudo reboot



This is simple remedy. First use universal USB-installer recommended by the official Ubuntu site. Because some pc or sever board recognize the USB as USB hard disk.


At this method try to make changes in BIOS settings.

Go to BIOS Boot menu

Search  ‘ USB Mass Storage Emulation type’

Default: <Auto>

Change it to : <All Fixed Disc>


Above code can help you to recover the booting error occurred during Booting process by USB.

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