How to restart the network manager in Ubuntu?

Some times we need to restart the network manager for proper connection of external device because,if you wish to connect your Wi-Fi connection or connect any other devices, then your network manager should be active. But the problem is that when you try to connect any devices after shut down or hibernation they will not be connected. So in this post i have listed the ways to restart the network manager. So try this ways and get connected to other nodes.


 This is the command used for network manager.

nm stands for network manager

Now try the following command to restart the network manager


Open new terminal and type the following code

killall nm-applet;


and run it.


Open new terminal and type the following code

restart-nm=’killall nm-applet; nm-applet;’

and run it.

or simply type the following code




The above commands given by me are general commands and now i will specify the commands that are required for Ubuntu 14.04.


sudo service network-manager restart

Try this command then your network manager will get restarted.


sudo ifconfig wlan0 down && sudo ifconfig wlan0 up

this command can solve WLAN disconnection problem.

Generally if you find any network connection problem then check this connection in your system.

Firstly check the adapter settings and connection in your system by the following command.

Type the following

ip link show

and then type the below command

sudo  lsmod – this command will search the modules loading currently.

We have to reload these current modules.

Type the following command

sudo rmmod yourMod

And again type the following code to restart the terminal.

sudo modprobe yourMod

Restart your network adapters by typing the following command.

sudo service restart network





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