[Quick Guide] Memtest86 in Ubuntu – Memory Test

RAM test is to examine the stability of the Computer system. Testing the memory is a necessary one to know the efficiency of the system. This article helps you to run and check your memory (RAM) using the most popular tool called memtest86 in Ubuntu.


Memtest86 is a system tool for memory test which automatically test the system and lists the errors and faults (if any) during full RAM test. This scans the RAM completely and the information starting from Cache, Address Range, Errors, more and more are displayed in your screen. So what you have to do is just make a try to test your RAM from Driver installation (such as CD or USB)or during system boot.

Ubuntu, by-default has these type of powerful tool on its own. If your system does not have this tool, you can download it by clicking it here

Steps to use memtest86 In Ubuntu:

  • Restart your system
  • Long press the shift key while your system starts booting. This is used to call Grab menu to the display screen.
  • When the GNU GRAB screen appears (version differs), use up-arrow and down-arrow to move among the options listed.
  • Using ↑ and ↓ move to “Memory Test (memtest86+)” and choose it using Enter Key.
  • Once you press Enter key, Memory Test will gets executed automatically with the help of memtest86+.
  • Now you can see the blue screen which shows the running Memory Test.

  • Wait for few minutes and check the errors discovered during RAM test. Make sure whether the errors and Pass balances each other.
  • If errors are more than the test pass which are labelled in red, then it indicates the memory test is failing.
  • You can also get more configuration information by pressing “c” from the keyboard.

For more info about memtest, Go to the official website of memtest86+

  • Continue the Memory test until you wish to stop. To halt the execution, press Esc button.

And Finally it’s Done! Testing the memory (RAM Test) frequently is a good practice which prevents the catastrophic data loss. You can also test with data test, address range test, device test with several system tools. Hope this blog guided you to do RAM test. If you have any other suggestions or doubts (if any), let me know it in comments section.

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