[SOLVED] Install Telnet in Ubuntu 14.04

We need the help of telnet in Ubuntu. Because it allow us to access the remote host in command line interface. And also you can use Telnet to control the Web servers. Telnet helps us to connect and control the servers on the network. To do this you must log in to the server by entering Username and Password. Major advantage of Telnet in ubuntu is that you can remotely control web server. Today in this post, i am going to tell about the Enabling process of Telnet in Ubuntu.

Check Network Connectivity

Before logging into the Telnet server you must check the internet connectivity in your system is connected to internet or not. To do so, follow the commands below.

$ ping google.com

Update the Software

In order to get latest Telnet service in our system, we should perform system update. Follow the below commands.

$ sudo apt-get update

Install Telnet in Ubuntu

To install the telnet in your system, follow the below commands.

sudo apt-get install xinetd telnetd

Once the installation is completed, we can run Telnet clients like PUTTY, SecureCRT or you can execute the run command telnet serverip to make access with the telnet.

Change the Port

In order to change the port, try editing /etc/services in the text editor. Make change as the following command.

telnet        23/tcp

Restart the Service

Run the below command to restart the Telnet Service.

sudo /etc/init.d/xinetd restart

Note: Telnet is insecure in an extent, as it fails to make encrption operation for our password. People choose Telnet for ubuntu only because of it’s speed. So if you have no confidential work regarding server, then you can make dare use of Telnet in ubuntu or else you can move to SSH which is very much secured and have no issues regarding security.

And That’s it. All done. Now we have completed installing the Telnet in Ubuntu. Hope this article helped you. Do you find any other method for this installation, please let us know it by your valuable comments below in the comment section. Happy Working…


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