How to Install SketchUp Make 2014 in Ubuntu 14.04

Today I am going write about very responsible topic, I mean it will be very much helpful for developers. SketchUp 2014 is one of the 3D modeling tool which help a person to tackle drawing application like architectural designing, interior designing, making video games and many more. Well it is a freemium product which supports all these process. If you wish to additional support from it then you have to switch to paid person. It is directly available only for Mac and Windows. But for ubuntu we can install it using Wine. Today in article, I am going to give the features of this SketchUp 2014 and also I will mention the installation process of this software. Come on guys let’s check out this.

What’s new in SketchUp Make 2014

The previous version of SketchUp there were several bugs. In this current version these bugs were fixed. Find out the improvement of this current version given below.

  • On Windows, the previous version doesn’t support plugins with single quotes that was fixed in this version.
  • EntityObserver crash on EraseEntity option was fixed.
  • Bugs occurred during exporting animation was fixed.
  • Bugs in notification loop in observer’s work is proposed.
  • Ruby unicode error of files were fixed.
  • In Mac, added support called SURubyDebugger.dylib to load SketchUP, which allows everyone to use Mac.
  • position_material regression was also fixed.
  • The LayerObserver crashing problem is fixed in this version.
  • Launching issue while double clicking the SketchUp, when it is located in C: was fixed.

Install SketchUp Make 2014

As I said earlier, To install SketchUp in Ubuntu, We need the help of Wine. So install Wine in your system.

Step 1:

Install Wine in your system

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install wine

Execute the above code in your system to install the latest version of Wine.

Step 2:

Execute the following step to configure Wine for SketchUp.


SketchUp Make 2014


Go to Application–>Wine–>Configure.

Step 3:

Download the SketchUp Make 2014.

After downloading SketchUp Make 2014, then right click on the package to choose “Open with Wine Windows Program Loader”.

SketchUp Make 2014

Step 4:

And go through the upcoming command prompts and click install.

and go through the upcoming command prompts and click install.

Install winetricks to download some windows file, to support SketchUp.


Install windows file

sh winetricks corefonts vcrun6 vcrun2005

Step 5:

After that go for Applications -> Wine ->Programs -> Google SketchUp 7 -> Google SketchUp and SketchUp will start working.

and go through the upcoming command prompts and click install.

And all done, now you have SketchUp Make 2014. You can now make use of SketchUp Make 2014. Do you have any other method to download SketchUp 204, then please let us know it, which will help others too. Do you have any suggestion regarding this article then please comment about it in the  comment section.

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