Install CentOS Web Panel, The Free CentOS hosting Control Panel

CentOS web panel is an open source web hosting control panel. It is basically designed to manage the servers without the need to use ssh console, even for small changes. This hosting control panel provide lot of features and options for server management. It has auto installer facility, which will automatically install full LAMP on your server (apache, phpmyadmin, php, webmail, mailserver).

To know about the detailed information on features of CentOS web panel visit the official site.

Install the CentOS hosting control panel


  • If you use 32 bit system then you need 512MB RAM and for 64 bit system you need 1024MB RAM.To deploy all modules you need 4GB RAM or more than that.
  • 20GB hard disk space is the minimum requirement.
  • Install CWP in a freshly installed operating system without any configuration changes.
  • But CWP does not have any uninstaller, after installing CWP you must reinstall the server to remove it.
  • It supports only static IP addresses and also it does not support dynamic, sticky or internal IP addresses.

Now execute the following code step by step to install this CentOS hosting control panel.


At first update the CentOS server and install the required packages using the following code.

# yum install wget –y
# yum update -y

After executing the above code reboot the system once.


Install the CWP using the following code.

Change your directory as /usr/local/src/directory

 # cd /usr/local/src


using the below command download the latest linux hosting CentOS control panel.

 # wget


And now start the CWP installer by using the following command.

 # sh cwp-latest

NOTE: CentOS Web Panel may run more than 30 minutes, because it need to compile PHP and Apache from source.

When the process is finished you can see the following window displayed.

CentOS hosting Control Panel.

Press Enter so that your server can boot automatically, You will see welcome page of CWP.


Now configure the CentOS hosting Control Panel.

Now open any web browser and type the following URL. or

Username: root

Password: your root password

CentOS hosting Control Panel.

As soon as you login do the following.

Setup the name servers.

Setup the shared ip.

Setup your root email.

Atleast setup one hosting package.

The Dashboard of CentOS control panel will be like this shown below.

CentOS hosting Control Panel.

Finally you have the best CentOS hosting Control Panel, The CentOS Web Panel which is now ready to host domains.


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