How to Install Turbo C++ using DOSBox on Ubuntu 14.04?

Hai dudes!!! DOSBox is a great program which helps you to run all the DOS based older programs as you like without much effort. From this article learn how to install and run Turbo C++ in Ubuntu OS using DOSBox by the below steps…

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Steps to Install  Turbo C++ and Execute

Step 1: From the Desktop, Open the terminal.
Step 2: Type as it is as the following,

 sudo apt-get install dosbox


Step 3: As soon as it gets installed, download Turbo C
Step 4: Extract and paste it in the home directory.
Step 5: Now, Type dosbox in terminal to open it.
Step 6: Type the following command on dosbox console.

config -writeconf dosbox.conf

This creates a new configuration file in the Ubuntu’s home directory. It will be created as dosbox.conf file
Step 7: Open the dosbox console and type the below commands as follows…

mount c ~ /home/your_username
cd tc/bin
tc or tc.exe

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Run Turbo C++ on DOSBox

Step 8: Function key Ctrl + F1 helps you to change the mapper settings. You can also control Key mapper using startmapper. Ctrl+F9 does dual function when it is  used in dosbox, it helps to quit from dosbox, whereas in Turbo c++, it is used to compile programs and execute it.
Step 9: Press Ctrl+F1 and close it.
Step 10: Now Click on Del, then select Add and press q key.
Step 11: Click mod1. Now Save and Exit by using Ctrl+q for dosbox and Ctrl+F9 for Turbo C++
Step 12: Close the Dosbox and type the below command on the terminal screen.

sudo gedit dosbox.conf
mount c ~ /home/your_username
cd tc/bin

Note: check whether

autolock=false, fullscreen=true

Install Turbo C++

Step 13: Save the file and then run dosbox.

From Now you need not want to mount your c drive again and again. This DOSBOX emulator will run Turbo C++ programs without any effort. Hope this article helped you. Learn with joy 🙂

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